Welcome! My name is Christina Edland Gumm.  I’m Texas born, Texas bread and reside in Dallas.  I’m a Christ-following, kale loving, wealth building, positive thinking, pit bull loving, dream chasing, yoga practicing, entrepreneur with a passion to help you elevate your wellth so you can grow into the abundant life God has planned for you.

What is wellth?  It’s not a typo, even though I’m notorious for those, it’s what I consider to be the main pillars of what creates a truly fulfilling and rich life (health+wealth+faith+attitude).

There is so much that I have learned and habits I’ve adopted that have elevated my health, finances, business, attitude, friendships and faith in big ways!  In 2007 I graduated from SMU (go ponies!) with a degree in Economics with Financial Applications.  I have worked in the financial services industry for the past ten years and observed what ultra high net worth individuals have done to achieve financial and personal success in life.  I stumbled upon personal growth and personal finance at the end of 2015 when some mentors of mine suggested I start reading if I wanted to change the results I was getting in all areas of my life.  The results are coming – some fast and some slower but I know that in order for things to change, I have to change.

It’s been one incredible journey with lots of ups and downs and whind arounds and I’m only getting started.  It’s my joy to use this platform to share with you the key things that have been shared with me to help you elevate your wellth.  Whether you are looking to increase your income, take better care of your body, deepen your faith and relationships, adopt a more positive outlook on life, or all the above, I truly hope you find something that inspires, encourages and motivates you grow into your greatness!