Hello and thanks for stopping by! My name is Christina Edland Gumm.  I’m Texas born, Texas bread and reside in Dallas with my husband and rescue pit bull mix.

The best way to sum me up is a Christ-following, kale loving, wealth building, positive thinking, dream chasing, yoga practicing, entrepreneur with a passion to help you elevate your wellth so you can live the abundant life God has planned specifically for you and you alone!

It’s not by mistake you arrived here, whether you are looking to impact your health by eating more plants (kale is my favorite), shift your mindset to all that is possible, refocus on His calling and promises for you, or discover how to become financially bullet-proof.

What is wellth?  It’s not a typo, even though I’m notorious for those.  Wellth what I believe to be the four main pillars of what creates a truly fulfilling and rich life (health + wealth + faith + attitude).

A little about my story…

I was born in Austin, TX and moved to the Big D during the 3rd grade and haven’t left since.  From my early elementary school days I developed a love of food/cooking/baking/entertaining.  I couldn’t watch enough Food Network TV shows which is where I learned most of my craft.

Along the way, I had some personal struggles with food (can anyone relate?) and achieving optimal health.  Through these I’ve learned the about power of food (good & bad), what doesn’t work, and more importantly what does – and I’m still learning!

In 2007 I graduated from SMU (go ponies!) with a degree in Economics.  Since then I have worked in financial services and observed first hand what ultra high net worth individuals did to achieve financial and personal success in life.

Thanks to some great mentors in my life (which if you don’t have, get one fast), I was urged to dig into personal growth books and personal finance at the end of 2015 to boost the results I was getting in all areas of my life.  I was hesitant at first but it was one of the best things I have ever done – investing in myself!

It’s my joy to let you in on the key things that have been shared with me to help you up your game and elevate your wellth.  So whether you are looking to get unstuck in life, multiply your income, care better for your body, deepen your faith and relationships, adopt a more positive outlook on life, or all the above, I truly hope you find something that inspires, encourages and empowers you grow into your greatness!