What Could and Should Be

Everybody has a mental 🤔picture of what could and should be for their life.

But not everybody will pay the price to turn that mental image into reality.

If you are consumed with the tension 😖 between what is and what could be, if you find yourself emotionally involved – frustrated, broken-hearted 💔, maybe even 😡 angry – with the way things are, and if you believe God is behind your anguish, then chances are you are on the brink of something 🙌🏼 divine. Something too important to walk away from.

Pay the 💪🏼price…

Embrace the vision.

After all, everybody ends up somewhere in life.

You have the opportunity to end up somewhere on purpose. 💥💥

– Andy Stanley

#girlwithgreens #vision #onpurpose #legacy #personalgrowthjourney #godsvision #visioneering #paytheprice #noexcuses #godidea #autonomy #livefree #successmindset

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