Started From the Bottom Now I’m Here 💪🏼

So many people assume I’ve always been super healthy and made good food choices when they meet me.

Oh, how far from the truth that is!

It’s been a long road paved with many challenges I had to overcome but I did it which should give you all the hope in the world that you can reach whatever health goals you have!

This past week I had the wonderful pleasure of being interviewed and featured on my sweet friend, Brittany’s blog, Confident Girl Confession.  I’ll be sharing all the content throughout the week with you.

So stay tuned for tips, hacks and a live food prep demo to help arm you with the basics to supercharging your health!

Here I share my personal struggle with food and health and how I turned the corner.  I hope you find some value, encouragement, and inspiration for wherever you are on your journey today.

One thought on “Started From the Bottom Now I’m Here 💪🏼

  1. Habits are hard to break so hopefully some tips to start new health habits will serve my family and me. Much respect for you sharing your story, makes me feel like throwing away my shame and guilt. Keeping it real, you go girl!

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