How to Master your Schedule

I recorded this shortly after writing my busyness blog post as these thoughts were on my heart to share.   For me, running is a great time to reflect and think about the things I’m working on and learning to master.

It’s awesome to learn what we should be doing and shouldn’t be, but if you’re like me you say, “that sounds great but how to do implement that?  What does it look like?”

Last month I joined Peter Voogd’s Game Changers Academy to help take my businesses, life, health, mindset and relationships to the next level.

I’ve learned so much already and have been focused on mastering the content.  I wanted to share some of what’s already helped me make a big shift in my life.  So check out the video to help you avoid busyness and become intentional and effective in executing on your goals.

Comment below and let me know what holds you back from achieving your dreams and playing small when you know you have so much more to offer!

We are all on this journey together!

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