The lesson of my morning’s devotional:

Business it not a sign of strength but of weakness, not a sign of success but striving, not power but lack of control, not popularity but disconnectedness.

I hear this all too often: “I’m so busy I don’t have the time.” People say no to the very things that could help get where they want to go in life because they are too busy pursuing meaningless things.

Are you choked by perfectionism? Smothered by pride? Weighted down by inability to say no? Drowning in vast appetite?

God has put dreams in each of our hearts for a reason. We are called to make them happen with His divine help. We need to be intentional in all things we select to do during the day.

God calls us not only to be good stewards of our money, but also our time and resources. How are you spending you time?

Make every second count because you don’t know when you time will be up.

#faith #busyness #control #growth #intentionalliving #goodsteward #successquotes #mindset #purpose #peace #dreams #gamechanger #priorities #bestillandknow #makeitcount #girlwithgreens

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