How to Shine Bright

We all want to look shiny on the outside whether it be the great career or business, the chiseled abs, wealth, freedom to create a life on your terms, the nice car, the second home, an impeccable wardrobe, big charity donor, volunteer, great health, fulfilling relationships, influence, etc. 

But most of us are not willing to go through the process, the grind, the pain, the work, the discipline, the commitment, the constant no’s, the long nights, and the focus to become shiny on the outside. 

The truth is to shine on the outside, you must first shine on the inside. Are you up for the challenge? 

You are worthy and you are capable! 

God created you to shine! 

#shinebrightlikeadiamond #work #grit #focus #commitment #successquotes #mindset #mentallystrong #discipline #vision #goals #madetoshine #sparkle 

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