How are you Preparing for the Future of Jobs?

I was reading this article today on how jobs will continue to be replaced by artificial intelligence (this is already happening) and thought I’d share it to get you thinking about your job and your future.  The economy is moving on whether you are ready or not.

Have you ever heard the saying “expect the best but plan for the worst?”

If you don’t already have a plan in place, today is the best day to start.

The article states, “Typical careers, in which a person advances through the ranks of a particular field, will increasingly “cease to exist” as artificial intelligence and robots replace more human workers over the next few decades. Humans, it says, will have to become more comfortable learning new skills and making career transitions

…As MarketWatch points out, a national Pew poll confirms that the biggest cause of job loss in the U.S. is technology. A 2013 Oxford University study estimates that 47 percent of U.S. jobs could be replaced by robots and automated technology within the next two decades.”

While we can agree that some jobs can’t be replaced by A.I. or would be very slow to adapt, it’s something that we should be thinking about.

Through past experiences I know that no job is secure and it’s essential to create other income flows that can maintain your living expenses.  Becoming an entrepreneur/business owner is the best way I have found to take control and have more choices.

But the exciting news is there are so many different ways to build income security around your lifestyle today with so many affordable business systems.

I know hundreds of people who have created wealth and time freedom in affiliate marketing, network marketing, internet marketing, selling their own digital products and blogging.

Find something you are passionate about and start building a backup plan or escape plan.

Your future self will thank you!




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