Be Intentional

I read this today on a blog post from Success Magazine which I get every month on The 10 Principles of Self-Made Billionaires. It really rang true with what I’ve been trying to work on lately but in a world where excessive consumption is sought after it can be a real challenge!

“Consumption in the absence of intention is waste.

Billionaires are incredibly intentional with their consumption of resources, and no resource is more thoughtfully consumed than information. Typically the information they need is relevant to a highly specific issue or decision. If there isn’t a need, billionaires tend to ignore the information.
If information isn’t moving you forward to where you want to be, it’s bogging you down. Billionaires know this, and you should, too.”
I love this concept and how it applies to not only information, but also time (hello wasted time on FB or Instagram), mindset and health and diet (that extra glass of wine I know I don’t need).  I’m gonna start using this motto and apply it, especially regarding what I eat and how I spend my time.  How will you use this to evelate your life to the next level?

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