Watch this video before reading below. 

Having been skydiving this is a great paraelle for things in life, in business, in faith, and in relationships.  The hardest and scariest thing to do is JUMP!  If you feel anxious, scared, excited about acting on something, that’s a good sign that growth is about to happen. 

Recently my husband and I went skydiving on our honeymoon in Mauritius.  It was Aaron’s first time and my third – best views I have ever seen!  I always get that scared, nervous feeling on the flight up but once you jump out of the plane it’s truly the most incredible experience!

God created us as humans to have an innate desire to seek growth in all things – to seek expanasion.  But since birth we have been conditioned to not take risks – to play it safe. We were told don’t do that you could get hurt, stick with what you’re good at, don’t fail in school, that’s too risky don’t try it. It takes a conscious effort to reprogram our paradigm/old way of thinking.  Without failure there is no growth, no success, no joy, no reward. 
Failure is not fatal, it’s not bad and it’s not something to be ashamed of. If you want to reach the top and have great success in whatever you are pursing faster than anyone else than take the advice I have gotten from many of my mentors – fail bigger much faster so you can achieve bigger much faster.  It’s the only way to learn and become better.  It’s how we grow!

What is holding you back from Jumping? What’s the worst that could happen if you fall? What the best thing that could happen if you fly?  Now go JUMP!

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