Christmas Tonic

I absolutely love this local coffee, juice bar, and raw food place, Brewed+Pressed Brewed+Pressed in the West Village.  They have amazing fresh organic juices, plant based milks, and tonics with are brewed with tea and have added super foods and adaptogens along with your choice of ghee or coconut oil, and stevia or honey.  My favorite is the Mind Maven.

After getting some advice and tips from one of the employees I thought I’d try making my own tonic at home and it was a huge success!! I can’t say enough about the Sun Potion products which you can buy at Brewed+Pressed.  I use the Anandamine blend which combines raw cacao, Astragalus, Reishi, Ashwagandha, and Turmeric along with a few other potent ingredients.  This is a great way to start my mornings off after having some hot water and lemon and green smoothie.  It makes me alert and clears the brain fog and gives me clarity for my day – great replacement for coffee that doesn’t leave you dehydrated nor does it stress your adrenals.  It’s also great for an afternoon pick me up.

Two words came to mind to describe this – hot chocolate.  It’s lighter, creamier, and left me feeling alert and ready to conquer my day head on!

I brewed a cup of Dandelion tea, and added a tablespoon of Anandamine, a tablespoon of coconut oil and teaspoon of raw honey and blended in my Vita Mix blender.  They recommended this type of tea with this tonic mix for best flavor so I follow suit.  You won’t be disappointed.  What’s your favorite tonic blend?

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