Gaining Clarity

It’s so easy to get caught up in all the errands, to-do lists and busyness of the day. And let’s not forget the goals and dreams we are working towards too that are always front of our mind. This can sometimes make life seem very overwhelming and we can become stuck in habits that aren’t serving us.  We can also lose clarity of where we are headed in life

But there’s great news! When we choose to focus on being present in the moment, the “now,” God is able to give us clarity of what is most important and what choices need to be made now to help us get where we desire to be.  When we slow down and get out of the rat race we are able to identify what habits or paradigms we have that aren’t serving us and that are actually holding us back from where God wants us to be or who he wants us to be.

The more in touch we become with God and his word the more clarity we gain on his path for us.  How incredible is it that our God wants to help us live an abundant life full of joy, love, growth, serving, adventure and faith!?  Sure it can seem more safe to live an average life but the plans God has for you if you step out of your comfort zone are so much more rewarding and exciting!  You are fearfully and wonderfully made in his image, he didn’t create us to be average.

Take five minutes to stop and ask God to show you what habits are keeping you from being all that he has created you to be.  What opportunities is he putting in your life to help take you to the next step?  What’s one new habit you can start adopting right now that will move you closer to your goal/calling?



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